Playdate Fitness was started by a group of parents who wanted to fit in some workout time a few times a week. We started with playdates at the playground, where our kids could burn off energy and we could each take turns watching the little ones and doing our own exercises (playgrounds are great for adults too!). We soon moved on to rotating babysitting duties so we could work out in groups or hit the gym. Now we switch up what we do each week, and have all seen improvements in our fitness levels (not to mention our kids love it)!

We started this site as a way to keep in touch with each other when it came to scheduling fitness-focused playdates, but decided to use it as a forum for reaching out to other tired, stressed-out, health-minded mamas and papas. There are lots of great ways to pencil in some self-care and exercise, even when it feels like your kids are demanding all of your time and energy. Take a look at our Inspirational Links and Blog for some great ideas on putting your fitness first without sacrificing the well-being of your kids!