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Running around is part of parenting

As a parent, unless you live in a walkable or bikeable city, you’re going to be doing a lot of chauffeuring of your kids from school to after school activities.  It’s hard to manage a schedule full of activities that don’t coordinate with each other.  Especially if you have more than one child and they go to a different school.  A doctor’s appointment or other unexpected event can easily throw your daily schedule off track.

But it’s important that your child or children have the chance to try a lot of different things, so they can find the one sport or activity they can really excel at.  It’s also important for kids to have independent play time.  During free play, they learn how to solve problems and manage disagreements between playmates.  They can also be creative and come up with their own solutions to new situations.

All that exercise is wonderful for your child’s health

Playtime and sports get your kids tired and increase blood circulation throughout the body.  This has excellent benefits for the skin and other organs, flushing away toxins and free radicals and promoting growth of new cells.  Kids get stronger and more confident in their bodies.

In team sports such as soccer and hockey, children learn to work together with teammates towards a common goal.  In individual sports such as running and tennis, they learn how to keep their bodies strong and set challenging goals for themselves.  These skills are vital for success in life.

Sun and dirt are (mostly) good

During outdoor play, kids are exposed to hours of sunlight and come into contact with dirt and soil.  Should parents be concerned?  Other than creating a lot of laundry, dirt is mostly beneficial.  It contains microbes that can train kids’ immune systems and make them more resistant and resilient when exposed to bad germs.

How about sun exposure?  Sunburns are always bad and too much sunlight can accelerate skin aging and even lead to melanomas (skin cancers).  But sunlight also lets the skin make Vitamin D, a vital nutrient.  The best strategy for parents is to let children play in the sun for 30 minutes to an hour each day, depending on their skin tone.  Make sure that they wear a broad spectrum sunscreen if they are in the sun for more time.  Preferably a zinc oxide or titanium oxide based sunscreen, because those ingredients are not absorbed by the skin.

Have a skin care kit ready

In addition to a sunscreen, children also should have a daily moisturizer to avoid dry skin, which is more frequent in harsh weather.  We at Nuthatch Naturals recommend our Daily Soothing Lotion, which is all natural and mild.  This should be supplemented by a mild cleanser and a good broad-spectrum mineral-based sunscreen.  With those in the daily kit, children can play and parents don’t need to worry about .

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